Thursday, 10 November 2016

Cyberscene - Masterclass and Kidscape project announcement

The Theatre Royal Haymarket Masterclass Trust (Masterclass) are partnering with anti-bullying charity, Kidscape, to create Cyberscene - an innovative project which will use theatre to support the health and well-being of young people affected by cyber bullying.

Ahead of Anti-Bullying Week (14th – 18th November) Masterclass and Kidscape are proud to announce Cyberscene: an essential new theatre project that will work with students from South Thames College, Leyton Sixth Form College, Hackney Community College and Barnet and Southgate College to create a powerful new play which explores the impact of technology, social media and cyber bullying.

Working with director, Guy Unsworth, and writer, Emily Jenkins, the play will be scripted through a series of theatre based workshops. In this supportive environment, young people can share their stories, learn from each other and be part of an empowering project which aims to address the impacts of cyber bullying and the wider digital realm. The final production will be staged at the Theatre Royal Haymarket in March 2017.

Dame Judi Dench DBE has endorsed this amazing project- “As a Patron of the Theatre Royal Haymarket Masterclass Trust, I am delighted to lend my support to a worthwhile project which will harness the power of theatre to bring together a community of young students to address the issues associated with cyber bullying.”  

Check out the video below to find out more about this project:

I think this really is an awesome project and I'm looking forward to seeing the end results, supported by these great charities. 

If you or someone you know is experiencing cyber bullying and you would like some additional support please visit Kidscape’s website for further guidance.

Ellie Mae x

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  1. Only the children and adults who have been through bullying know how badly it affects mental health. Its high-time, the world should now be made a peaceful place to live. I believe that all creative content writers, academic writers, book writers, or research methodology writers should find out ways to promote this mindset through their words. I am so glad because of this great initiative!!