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My West End Wishlist | LittleEllieMae

As a massive theatre geek, it pains me to live such a distance away from the West End: the international hub of theatre. I generally only get one or two trips to London a year as the trek from Plymouth can be a long and expensive one. Though I'm really hoping to make more trips now I have my own car and have gained 'adult status'. 

I can probably count the number of West End shows that I've already seen on just one hand but I have an ever- growing list of shows I'd like to see from reading countless reviews and hearing my friends' thoughts. 

I've compiled a list of the top ten shows I'd love to see on West End:

1.) The Book of Mormon

I've followed this show since its massive success at the 2011 Tony Awards. I started listening to the cast album featuring the phenomenal Andrew Rannells and Josh Gad and I haven't stopped listening to it since (5 years later...). It opened at the Prince of Wales theatre in 2013. Every time I announce that "The Book of Mormon is one of my favourite musicals... but I haven't seen it yet", I get some strange looks. So I am desperate to catch this sell- out show soon!

2.) Kinky Boots

Kinky Boots is one of my favourite films so I am eager to see the musical adaptation. I've heard rave reviews on this show, plus it's countless awards including three Oliviers, six Tonys and a Grammy Award prove it to be a hit. I've walked past the Adelphi Theatre where it is currently based and audience members always seem to be beaming as they leave the venue. What better advertisement for a show!

3.) The Go- Between

I'm so excited that Michael Crawford is finally back on the West End stage in this brand new show. He's such an icon in this industry so I would love to see him perform. I've read some fantastic reviews on this show, with my friend Shaun deeming it as "surprisingly spectacular". It looks totally different to anything else in West End at the moment, so I'd love to catch it!

4.) Aladdin

We all know that I'm a massive Disney nerd (Dis-nerd, if you will) and Aladdin has always been one of my favourites. I would watch the film countless times growing up, wishing that I could be like Princess Jasmine. Fast- forward a few years, and I'm still just as in love as I used to be. Disney never disappoint with their impressive, high- budget theatre productions and I'm sure that Aladdin is no exception. Currently showing at the gorgeous Prince Edward theatre (previously home to my favourite, Miss Saigon), I'd love to watch this very soon!

5.) Matilda The Musical

I am part of the minority that never really enjoyed the film of Matilda growing up. I'm not sure what it was, but it never clicked with me. However, I'm eager to catch the musical currently showing at the Cambridge Theatre as I've heard such fantastic things about it. It features some of my favourite songs including 'Quiet' and 'Naughty'. 

6.) The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-Time

I was gutted that I missed this show when it last toured the UK and visited Plymouth. I've heard nothing but rave reviews of it. It looks like a visually stunning production and a real advancement in the world of theatre which I'd love to see. I really hope to catch it in the West End before its next UK tour again!

7.) Show Boat

This classic show has been bought back to life in the revival that is currently showing at the New London theatre. It has so far blown audiences away, with particular stand- out performances from Gina Beck and Chris Peluso. It closes really soon, at the end of August, so I'd love the be able to see it before it sadly leaves the West End stage!

8.) Harry Potter and Cursed Child

I am by no means a 'Potterhead'- I've watched and enjoyed a few of the films and have taken the obligatory house test (I'm Gryffindor fyi) but I've never been absorbed by the hype to be honest. However, a stage adaptation following the Potter characters seems really interesting. I've heard mixed reviews from previews throughout June but I'm looking forward to seeing what audiences think when it opens in July. I'd love to see it for myself... sounds magical!

9.) Funny Girl

I'm a big Barbra Streisand fan, and with that means I'm a big 'Funny Girl' fan. This production, currently showing at the Savoy Theatre, has made headlines with (unnecessary) drama over Sheridan Smith's departure. Despite this, it has also gained rave reviews from theatre fans and critics alike- of performances from both Sheridan and Natasha J Barnes. I'm desperate to see this sell- out show and I'm hoping to can fit it into my schedule when I visit the city this month!

10.) Jersey Boys

I saw Jersey Boys on tour at the Theatre Royal Plymouth last summer and I absolutely fell in love with it. I would love to catch the show at the Piccadilly Theatre as it stars Matt Corner as Frankie Valli, who I saw in Plymouth and portrayed one of my favourite theatrical performances I've ever seen. Alongside Simon Bailey, Declan Egan and Matt Hunt - I think the West End production could even top last summer's performance. 

So that's just part of my ever- growing list of shows I'd love to see. Not to mention shows that are yet to open such as School of Rock, An American In Paris and Hamilton...eeek! I can't wait. 

The theatre world is very exciting at the moment and we are so lucky to have such a wide choice of fantastic productions! 

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Let me know what's on your theatre wish list too! Comment below or tweet me @LittleEllieMae :)

Have a great day!

Ellie Mae x

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