Friday, 6 November 2015

My Disneyland Experience 2015 | LittleEllieMae

Anyone who remotely knows me, knows that I am a massive Disney geek.

I'm pretty sure that I've been planning to go to Disneyland since I was like two years old (this may or may not be an exaggeration)- its always seemed like the happiest, most perfect and magical place on earth.

Anyway, since Becca and I have been friends (which is going on for 6 years now), we've always talked about going together one day- "Wouldn't it just be the BEST?!"

So as my friend, Talia, and I finally turned 18 we decided that it was finally time to make my Disney dream a reality and along with Becca and Megan we booked our trip to Disneyland Paris for October 2015!

I literally counted down the days over the 7 months waiting period but after a veeerrry long coach journey, we finally arrived at the Santa Fe Disney Hotel. The hotel was nice enough; it had a mexican 'Cars' theme (I obviously would've preferred Princesses but y'know)- the biggest perk was it being such close proximity to the parks. And also because we were guests at a Disney hotel, we were granted 'Magic Hours' which meant we had an extra 2 hours in the park before it opened to the general public! We used this time to go on our priority rides (Space Mountain 2 at 8:30am definitely woke me up...) and just generally get to grips with our plan for the day.

We were so lucky and we managed to make the absolute most of the park; there's nothing I can think of that I regret not doing. We really had the best time ever. We did all the rides, met the characters, saw the parades and light show- GAH I COULD GUSH ABOUT IT FOREVER.

Okay, now I'm going to go through all the characters I met because, for me, this was the most exciting part. Everything was so real and I fangirled so much and I want to look back on this post in the future and recall all the magical memories:

First up, my absolute fave- Gaston. *cue me getting extremely flustered* 
Okay, I know that technically Gaston is a villain, but his flirtatious ego and dashing good looks cannot go amiss. After I embarrassingly fangirled whilst he was dancing on stage- "WE LOVE YOU GASTON!", he literally swept me off my feet, made me feel his muscles, pouted and posed for photos. He's no prince, but he was so very charming and made me laugh so much. We also got a group selfie with him which is actual #squadgoals (ew did I just say that..?) 

Marie from Aristocats is one of my favourite Disney characters- shes so adorable. She was so cute accessorised in a fitting orange bow to match the Halloween theme; If I'm honest, I just wanted to stand and hug her forever because she was so soft and cuddly and just lovely. gah. 

I feel like Daisy Duck and I really hit it off and we are basically bffs now. Both as girly and happy as each other, we held hands and posed fabulously together for photos. She especially loved my Polaroid camera!

We spontaneously bumped into Chip and Dale and Perla and Suzy from Cinderella whilst walking around the parks! They were both quite brief meetings but they welcomed group hugs and photos. Aww. 

I was SO excited to meet Jack Skeleton from 'The Nightmare Before Christmas' (I had been watching fan videos of him on YouTube beforehand and he seemed so fun). He was very much a gentleman (/skeleton); he shook my hand, introduced himself politely and wished me a Haunting Halloween! He was so quirky which was really amusing and he gave us marshmallows- which always makes him the winner. 

Yep, ok... IT HAPPENED. I met Minnie and Mickey Mouse. They are both so iconic to Disney and they are really meaningful characters to me as I used to have all the toys of them as a child (not much change as an 18 year old though... cue Minnie Mouse top, ears AND sunglasses...). Minnie loved my sunglasses and wanted tonnes of photos with me wearing them. I actually got a bit emotional after meeting them as I'd always wanted to, and the five year old in me was bursting with pure joy. It was so so exciting.

I'm not usually a roller-coaster kinda gal, but when in Disney you have to try out some rides, right? So I pushed myself to go on Space Mountain first thing in the morning and I spent 98% of it with my eyes shut. But I agreed to go on it again and actually really enjoyed it! My other favourite rides were the Peter Pan ride which took you on an adventure over London, to the second star to the right and straight on 'till morning! I also really loved Crush's Coaster (from Finding Nemo)- despite the hour long queue- which took you on a spinning adventure through the ocean. The newest Ratatouille 3D ride was incredible and so cleverly done- it was from the point of view of one of the rats, scurrying through the kitchens of Paris. Big Thunder Mountain was lots of fun and lasted longer than the others too which made it more worthwhile!

Here's some more photos: 

With Alice In Wonderland being one of my all time favourite films, I was ecstatic to visit the Queen of Heart's castle after skipping through the maze! It was incredible to oversee the rest of the park from the top balcony.

Most people know that Cinderella is my Princess- I couldn't contain my excitement when I caught a glimpse of her in the parade and this is me posing next to her carriage. I will own one like this one day.

As we visited during October half term, the whole park was beautifully decorated for Halloween/ harvest time. I adored it! The tiny details in all the decorations were just amazing.

The pride and joy of the park- Sleeping Beauty's castle was perfect. Just perfect. And strengthened my ambitions to be a Princess. 

Just before closing time, at 10pm, the park showed Disney Dreams which is the most spectacular light, firework and water show. Lights are projected onto the castle, showing all of the most iconic Disney characters with the best songs. I shed tears both times that we watched it- it was beautiful and very emotional. I keep watching YouTube videos of it to reminisce. 

I love this photo- Becca and I have always had such a strong bond over Disney so it was really special for us to share these moments together. I felt so very happy and grateful.

I had the absolute best time ever with my friends in the happiest place on earth. I really was completely filled with joy for the entire trip- After months full of stress and hard work, it was the perfect way to disconnect from reality for a couple of days and just live in a dream world. I wish I could visit again and again (anyone up for purchasing an annual pass with me..?). We are already planning our next trip! I couldn't recommend Disneyland enough. What a perfect trip :)

Have you visited Disneyland before? Let me know what you think by commenting below or tweeting me @LittleEllieMae :)

Have a magical day!

Ellie Mae x


  1. This is so cute, it looks like you had a amazing time x

    1. Thank you Nicole!! I had the best time :)x

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