Sunday, 11 October 2015

Lush Winter Collection 2015- Plymouth Event | LittleEllieMae

As you well know by now- I'm a self- confessed Lush-aholic (yes, that is a thing) and my favourite time of year at Lush is definitely Winter with their amazing Halloween and Christmas themed products in particular. 

I was kindly invited to another Lush Plymouth event to launch the 2015 Winter collection! It was a wonderful evening and has made me sooo excited for warm baths on cold Winter evenings.

We were welcomed to the cosy Lush Plymouth store filled with bubbles, smiling Lushies and gorgeous cupcakes by the amazing Mrs Browns Bakery on Friday evening- the night of the big reveal of the new Winter collection!

We got the evening started with a team challenge- we had 2 minutes to mould a figurine of Santa/ a snowman from their Christmas 'Fun' packs! Our team killed it with this awesome Santa (with no eyes...oops!).

We then started to look at the new Christmas range- something I was VERY excited about!

This is 'The Magic Of Christmas' reusable bubble bar- this, for me, smells of the epitome of Christmas; packed full of cinnamon and cloves, I can't get enough of it! And how adorable is it, sitting on a stick of cinnamon, complete with festive ribbon and jingle bells! I can't wait to get a few uses out of this one!

'Stardust' is very Frozen-esque, with it's swirling mixture of crisp whites and blues and finished with fun coloured stars! I love the simplistic exterior to this bath bomb, hiding the burst of excitement inside!

I was very excited when Mr Adam pulled this particular bath bomb out- yes that's right, 'Yog Nog' is now in bath bomb form... woohoooo! I absolutely loved this scent in the soap form last year, so I'm so excited to try the bath bomb! It smells of deliciously sweet toffee egg nog yumminess and the shea butter will leave skin amazingly soft. 

'Peeping Santa' bubble bar is so adorable! It has a yummy sweet, fruity smell- I think this one would make a perfect gift for any Lush lover!

'Reindeer Rock' has had a re-vamp and is looking so awesome for 2015! With the exact berry- like scent of the amazing Comforter, this is a no-brainer for me. Its such a warm and comforting (no pun intended!) scent and makes me want to snuggle up by the fire and drink berry tea. Just me? Ok.

'Baked Alaska' is such a fun product! With bright, popping colours and a zingy, refreshing citrus scent this will definitely wake me up on those cold Winter mornings! I love how all of Lush's soaps are completely moisturising- they don't strip the skin of all its essential oils which I really like.

That's right, more 'Yog Nog' but this is back in its former soap state. As with the bath bomb- this is just wonderfully wonderful WONDERFUL. (I love it, a lot)

'Cranberry' is a refreshing face mask that cleanses and brightens the skin. And its such a nice colour- seriously, can I have everything in this pink colour? 

'Fairy Dust' - well we know that anything with a name like this, I will automatically be attracted to, right? Its such a cute product to bring gorgeous sparkle to the festive period. (Also, great if you're dressing up as a fairy to a Christmas party..!) 

Some of the Plymouth Lushies sported this gorgeous red lip colour which turned out to be the 'Santa Baby lip tint' - to go along with it there is the popular 'Santa's Lip Scrub' which is perfect for someone, like me, who suffers with dry, split lips during the Winter as it keeps them supple and exfoliated. 

I absolutely love little 'Butterbear'... he's soo cute! And at only £1.95, its perfect to pop in someone's stocking! I'll definitely be stocking up on a few of these!

Of course, Lush also have their gorgeous gift sets for both Christmas and Halloween. I absolutely love their fun packaging, as well as the awesome products inside. 

From the Halloween range (which isn't stocked as much as the Christmas products at the moment, which is a shame!) I picked up 'Lord Of Misrule' bath bomb and tried it out at the weekend. I wasn't expecting much from this seemingly plain green product but I was blown away by the spectacular swirly patterns and rapid bubbles it produced! It didn't have an exceptionally poignant scent but it did leave my skin feeling lovely, soft and clean. I'd definitely purchase this one again!

As you can see, I LOVE the new Winter range and want to try it all out!! 

Thank you to the best Lushies at Lush Plymouth for a great evening and for ever so kindly gifting us bloggers with a few products to try out ourselves!

I'll definitely be popping in to stock up soon.

Have a nice day!

Ellie Mae x

Disclaimer: This event was held by Lush Plymouth and they kindly gifted me with a few products but all opinions and views are my own. 


  1. Awwwwwwww it's a LUSH heaven!!!!! So many pretty pieces!!!

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