Monday, 7 September 2015

Plymouth Bloggers Picnic | LittleEllieMae

After the amazing success of my previous two blogger events, I was excited to organise a much more casual set- up so that Plymouth (and surrounding areas) bloggers could really get to know each other!

Picnics are one of my favourite things to do so I organised a big bloggers picnic in Plymouth Central Park! I spent a lot of time going through social media, inviting as many local bloggers to join in with our meetup! 

I asked for each of the bloggers to bring along some picnic food so we could all share together! The table was covered with yummy cakes, brownies, scones, sausage rolls and other scrumptious bits that we all happily munched away at as we all sat down on our picnic blankets and chatted about all things blogging!
The fantastic Georgie from Mrs Browns Bakery donated some yummy chocolate treats for all of the bloggers to enjoy- so thank you Mrs Browns!!

I was super excited that I finally got to use my drinks machine; filled with lovely pink lemonade and fresh sliced lemons! It was definitely a hit with the bloggers :)

I also organised a 'Great British Bake- Off' inspired competition where the bloggers baked their own goodies and voted for their favourite! Overall, Kim won the 'Star Baker' prize with her stunning #PlymouthBlogMeet flower- covered cake!! Absolutely beautiful.

So many new bloggers that I had not yet had the chance to meet came along to the picnic which was super lovely! I absolutely love meeting new bloggers and we all got along really well! Also, the lovely Megan brought along her ukulele and kept us entertained with some tunes! (Also a major musical theatre lover too- so make sure to check her awesome blog out!)

Overall, the event was such a success! We had so much fun.

Check out all of the lovely bloggers who attended: 

Nicole- @SleekChicBlog -
Sam- @PrettyNPeeptoes -
Tori- @_ToriKing @LushPlymouth 
Kim- @kimmododragon -
Fiona- @star100x -
Hannah- @glittermelody -
Jade- @allthingsjadex -
Bethany- @bethany1marie -

Thank you to everyone who attended!! I loved spending the afternoon with you all :)
I can't wait to organise the next one already!!
If you would be interested in coming along to a blogger event in Plymouth, please get in touch with me via the comments below or by tweeting me @LittleEllieMae :)
Have a great day!
Ellie Mae x


  1. It was a lovely afternoon, thanks for organising! x

    1. You're welcome Fiona! Thank you for coming :)x

    2. You're welcome Fiona! Thank you for coming :)x

  2. So nice to see there are blogger meet ups in devon, I live near exeter and can't seem to find any!! Looks like a lovely day. Naomi x

    1. I'll get in touch with you about the next event Naomi! Hopefully you'll be able to make it- it would be lovely to meet you! :)x

    2. I'll get in touch with you about the next event Naomi! Hopefully you'll be able to make it- it would be lovely to meet you! :)x

    3. That would be awesome :) thank you x

  3. Had such a lovely time, and a great post!
    Also I've nominated you for the Liebster Award- check it out here:


    1. Thanks so much for coming along with little Oliver! So nice to see you! Thanks for the nomination xx

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