Thursday, 23 July 2015

Travel Carry- On Essentials | Guest Post by Lydia Heap

The lovely Lydia, formerly known as 'BlusherAndBronze,' got in touch with me a few weeks ago, inquiring about guest posting on my blog. I used to love Lydia's blog when it was up and running so of course I said 'yes!' to help ease her back into blogging after a taking a break for some time. 
So here's my first ever guest poster on my blog, enjoy!
Its now summer, and once again I've found myself wondering where on earth the past year went, along with my need for a summer holiday building! Each year I go on a 2 week holiday abroad, so I thought I would share my experiences of what I believe is needed in a carry-on bag! I also went on a long haul flight to LA this year with my college, (which was of course amazing!!!) so I thought I would throw in both my knowledge of what to do in shorter flights along with helping out those of you who will be on a plane for a much longer time!
In terms of organisation, the one top tip I have for you is to make a list! You can do this either before you've packed, or after so you know what you have and there's none of that "omg did I pick my sunglasses?!" when you are halfway to the airport! It's also very helpful for coming home as you know what you brought with you in your hand luggage and theres less chance of leaving anything behind! Just making a quick list on your phone can save a massive panic!
Once you've chosen which bag you are using, i'd say to categorise the items you are packing, so that's what i'm going to do here!
First up: Electronics (because we know they're the most important!) 
Pack your phone, your iPad and all of those belongings! I also pack a portable charger, this one is from eBay, there are many you can buy but I would be careful and check the feedback and reviews along with the item descriptions, but I have had no problems and this was around the £12 mark.
TIP: Make sure all of your electronic devices are fully charged before you go because there is a rule at airports that if your phone does not turn on when instructed, it will not be allowed onto the flight, so to be on the safe side make sure they are all over 50% charged.

Of course the next thing to then pack is your charger! I usually take two chargers, as I walk around the house I throw all of the chargers I see into my bag just incase! This is probably the most forgotten item as you've been charging your phone the night or day before you leave, so I always set a reminder on my phone as it would be my worst nightmare to forget this! I then also pack my headphones, these ones are the Beats by Dr. Dre In-Ear Headphones, they come in a small pouch which is so handy. TIP: You may prefer proper headphones, and if you are going on a long haul flight where you are planning on using headphones for the majority of the flight, I would recommend taking a pair that you find very very comfortable as you will probably be using them for a long time.
 Something that I always, always take on a flight with me is some magazines and books. I usually take one book in my hand luggage and pack the other ones in my suitcase. On holiday I read really fast, so I usually take four and end up finishing them all before the flight home! On my last holiday i took Who Is Tom Ditto? By Danny Wallace, and Where She Went by Gayle Forman (the sequel to If I Stay). I also usually just buy the cheap packets of magazines, this one I think was £2 and you get three magazines and it just keeps me entertained for a while! I know a lot of people who wait until the airport to buy magazines, but the chances are that they are cheaper outside of the airport so I would buy before!

My sunglasses are my top priority when packing for my holiday as I love nothing more than putting them on as soon as we touch down (yes, i am that person!). This pair are from River Island, and then the other pair of glasses are prescription glasses that I need. Also make sure you put them in some sort of hard case, I have a hard case for both of these pairs of glasses and it just protects them from cracking or breaking when in your bag.
When going on a flight you are not allowed any liquids above 100ml, and you also have to put any liquids into a plastic, clear bag. The guidelines on this are very strict so I would check with your specific airline and check the Hand Luggage Restrictions website - - to see what you can and cannot take. These are the items I take in my clear bag; a strip of contact lenses, a small roll-on deodorant (no aerosols allowed!), a concealer, a make-up brush, powder, a kabuki brush, a lipstick and some face wipes. Now the majority of the time, I don't use any of it, but I take it all with my just incase. I know a lot of people who prefer to do their whole make-up on the flight before landing, which is perfectly fine just make sure you follow the restrictions, you don't want to be having to leave all your make-up at the airport!

Finally, I will throw in a few extras such as a pair of socks, a pen and some chewing gum! All of my passports and important documents usually go into my mums hand luggage, but when I have travelled alone I put them all into a plastic wallet so that they are all keep safe and together in my bag. 
Thanks for reading my post, and if you are going on holiday I hope you have an amazing time! 

Lydia x


  1. Great post! I always make sure I have packed my chargers for my gadgets, because its such a pain, when you find out your charger has been left at home, half way through the week when it has 5% battery left x

    1. Thank you very much! I'd love if you'd check out my blog and give me a follow! x

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