Saturday, 25 July 2015

Summer Trip to U.S.A Fashion Haul | LittleEllieMae

As many of you already know, I'm off to America for the first time in a couple weeks with the Sutton Trust/ Fulbright Commission Programme and I am beyond excited!! I'm going to visit some of the most prestigious universities in the world as well as experience some true American culture.

I needed to get a few more outfits to take away with me that were a mixture of smart, fun and practical (its going to be HOT!) So here's what I came back with: 

I've been lusting after this 'H! By Henry Holland' prom style dress since it was released in Debenhams stores a few months ago but I couldn't bring myself to spend nearly £50 on it. Fast-forward to now and I was lucky enough to grab one of the last dresses in the sale at only £13!! I couldn't believe what a bargain it was! 

Its soo flattering, with a sweetheart neckline and cute knee-length skirt; It definitely has a 50s vibe to it, which I adore. I love the fun print of the lemons and limes on the navy blue which gives a great pop of colour! Its really easy to dress up with heels or dress down for the day-time with pumps and a denim jacket- so versatile!
I've style it here with my Primark lace pumps, a half-up hair do (very Ariana Grande-esque!) and a classic red lip in Burberry lipstick in '109 Military Red'. 

My sister, Flora, picked out this next dress among the sea of other sale items in New Look. This dress is from the brand 'Mela Loves London' which New Look stock in their store; It was reduced to £15 from £25. I absolutely love it- its made from lovely, soft polyester material which makes it super light, so perfect for hot, sunny days.

It has a really fun parrot print which gives the perfect amount of colour on the white canvas dress. Its very flattering, with a ribbon to tie and nip in the waist which I think always suits my figure. The skirt kind of flips out at the bottom which makes it lovely and floaty so I've spent the majority of my time twirling around in it so far. 
Here I've styled it with my black sandal heels from New Look but it can easily be dressed down with a pair of comfy sandals, which is what I'll be pairing it with when I'm on my trip!

As most know, Henry Hollland is one of my ultimate favourite designers and here he saves the day, once again! (Thanks Henry!) This adorable dress was reduced to only £11.40 from its original price of £38!

Its made of scuba material which is really different for me but I love it, it's so comfy! Similarly to the others, its very colourful which is what I always look for in my summer wardrobe! 
I've paired it with my 'H! By Henry Holland' sandals and it matches perfectly with a bold red lip!

I've had my eye on this one for a while. For only £10 in Primark, this light, casual boho-like dress is perfect for a summers day!

I love the busy pattern that is subtly embroidered with a few beads which really finishes the outfit well. A feature of this dress that I especially like is the longer sleeves which just covers the top of the arms for a bit more coverage. 
I've styled it here with my Primark lace pumps again but with a more casual hair style with natural waves.

I am LOVING the 70s style at the moment so the new range in New Look really excites me; its full of quirky prints, suede, tassels- the lot! I picked up this adorable crop top for £8.99. I adore the yellow print and frill around the bottom of the top which is also really flattering. 

I'm wearing it here with my classic H&M black high waisted jeans, Primark pumps and thrown on my round Primark sunglasses (no they're not Mickey Mouse ears haha!) but for warmer weather I would wear it with a high waisted skirt instead!

So that's my clothes haul! I'm really pleased with what I've bought and can't wait to wear it abroad! Stay tuned for posts following my trip to America!

Which is your favourite outfit? Let me know by commenting below or tweeting me @LittleEllieMae :) 

Have a great day!

Ellie Mae x

Thursday, 23 July 2015

Travel Carry- On Essentials | Guest Post by Lydia Heap

The lovely Lydia, formerly known as 'BlusherAndBronze,' got in touch with me a few weeks ago, inquiring about guest posting on my blog. I used to love Lydia's blog when it was up and running so of course I said 'yes!' to help ease her back into blogging after a taking a break for some time. 
So here's my first ever guest poster on my blog, enjoy!
Its now summer, and once again I've found myself wondering where on earth the past year went, along with my need for a summer holiday building! Each year I go on a 2 week holiday abroad, so I thought I would share my experiences of what I believe is needed in a carry-on bag! I also went on a long haul flight to LA this year with my college, (which was of course amazing!!!) so I thought I would throw in both my knowledge of what to do in shorter flights along with helping out those of you who will be on a plane for a much longer time!
In terms of organisation, the one top tip I have for you is to make a list! You can do this either before you've packed, or after so you know what you have and there's none of that "omg did I pick my sunglasses?!" when you are halfway to the airport! It's also very helpful for coming home as you know what you brought with you in your hand luggage and theres less chance of leaving anything behind! Just making a quick list on your phone can save a massive panic!
Once you've chosen which bag you are using, i'd say to categorise the items you are packing, so that's what i'm going to do here!
First up: Electronics (because we know they're the most important!) 
Pack your phone, your iPad and all of those belongings! I also pack a portable charger, this one is from eBay, there are many you can buy but I would be careful and check the feedback and reviews along with the item descriptions, but I have had no problems and this was around the £12 mark.
TIP: Make sure all of your electronic devices are fully charged before you go because there is a rule at airports that if your phone does not turn on when instructed, it will not be allowed onto the flight, so to be on the safe side make sure they are all over 50% charged.

Of course the next thing to then pack is your charger! I usually take two chargers, as I walk around the house I throw all of the chargers I see into my bag just incase! This is probably the most forgotten item as you've been charging your phone the night or day before you leave, so I always set a reminder on my phone as it would be my worst nightmare to forget this! I then also pack my headphones, these ones are the Beats by Dr. Dre In-Ear Headphones, they come in a small pouch which is so handy. TIP: You may prefer proper headphones, and if you are going on a long haul flight where you are planning on using headphones for the majority of the flight, I would recommend taking a pair that you find very very comfortable as you will probably be using them for a long time.
 Something that I always, always take on a flight with me is some magazines and books. I usually take one book in my hand luggage and pack the other ones in my suitcase. On holiday I read really fast, so I usually take four and end up finishing them all before the flight home! On my last holiday i took Who Is Tom Ditto? By Danny Wallace, and Where She Went by Gayle Forman (the sequel to If I Stay). I also usually just buy the cheap packets of magazines, this one I think was £2 and you get three magazines and it just keeps me entertained for a while! I know a lot of people who wait until the airport to buy magazines, but the chances are that they are cheaper outside of the airport so I would buy before!

My sunglasses are my top priority when packing for my holiday as I love nothing more than putting them on as soon as we touch down (yes, i am that person!). This pair are from River Island, and then the other pair of glasses are prescription glasses that I need. Also make sure you put them in some sort of hard case, I have a hard case for both of these pairs of glasses and it just protects them from cracking or breaking when in your bag.
When going on a flight you are not allowed any liquids above 100ml, and you also have to put any liquids into a plastic, clear bag. The guidelines on this are very strict so I would check with your specific airline and check the Hand Luggage Restrictions website - - to see what you can and cannot take. These are the items I take in my clear bag; a strip of contact lenses, a small roll-on deodorant (no aerosols allowed!), a concealer, a make-up brush, powder, a kabuki brush, a lipstick and some face wipes. Now the majority of the time, I don't use any of it, but I take it all with my just incase. I know a lot of people who prefer to do their whole make-up on the flight before landing, which is perfectly fine just make sure you follow the restrictions, you don't want to be having to leave all your make-up at the airport!

Finally, I will throw in a few extras such as a pair of socks, a pen and some chewing gum! All of my passports and important documents usually go into my mums hand luggage, but when I have travelled alone I put them all into a plastic wallet so that they are all keep safe and together in my bag. 
Thanks for reading my post, and if you are going on holiday I hope you have an amazing time! 

Lydia x

Sunday, 19 July 2015

Summer Photoshoot | LittleEllieMae

My friend, Owen, is an aspiring photographer and was looking for models to practice his photography skills on. I offered to help out and so we headed to Dartmoor on Friday, despite the black, angry- looking clouds which congregated above the hilly landscape that morning. 
Thankfully the clouds disappeared and blue skies finally looked over us for most of the day which enabled us to get some great shots! 

So I wanted to share with you some of the photos from the day. 
Basically, here's a blog post full of pictures of my face (exciting haha):

We managed to cut the number of photos down, from the original 315 we took!! I really hope you like them! Dartmoor is such a gorgeous place and Owen and I had so much fun exploring the area and taking some photos along the way. 

Dress- NEXT
Denim jacket- ZARA
Shoes- New Look
Bag- H! By Henry Holland

I didn't really dress for the occasion... I wasn't exactly prepared for how muddy it would be... wearing white sandals wasn't the greatest of ideas and my bare legs did suffer from some nettle stings and scratches as we awkwardly ventured through secluded, overgrown pathways but I think that my outfit looks great in the photos, contrasting against the green landscape and, as Owen described, gave a cool 'Alice In Wonderland' type feel.

Anyway, I had such a great day and am really pleased with the outcome of the photos! I really want to get into doing more modelling so hopefully this is only the beginning! A huge thank you to Owen for photographing and editing and being generally awesome, great company. 

You can check out Owen's new photography page on Facebook here

Which photo is your favourite? Let me know by commenting below or tweeting me @LittleEllieMae :)

Have a great day!

Ellie Mae x

Monday, 13 July 2015

#GayIsOk | Lush Campaign | LittleEllieMae

Although this awesome Lush campaign officially ended on 5th July, I still wanted to write a post about it because I think its so great.

So the very popular Lush Cosmetics, released their #GayIsOk soap on 25th June which is scented with their 'love' fragrance which smells SO good! This product is totally one of my all time favourites which Lush has brought out! Its gold, glittery and just fabulous. I'm always wary of glittery products but the glitter is super fine so doesn't irritate the skin and just washes straight off when you apply it in the shower anyway, so you don't have to worry about walking around looking like a magic fairy-wannabe. I've actually used up all of the soap already (seems like my family liked it too...) but its definitely my favourite soap! Its a shame that its not a permanent product to their range! 

The campaign alongside this awesome product is aimed at promoting LGBT equality rights. Lush published some astonishing facts- 
  • In 76 countries its a crime to be gay and in 10 it will cost you your life.
  •  2.8 billion people in the world live in countries where living openly means sacrificing your family, freedom, safety and dignity.
  •  There is no country is the whole world where the LGBT community have full equality. 
So Lush came up with this campaign, where they aim to raise £250,000 in profits of the soap where £50,000 will be directly donated to the charity 'All Out' for campaigning efforts across the world and the other £200,000 will be available for LGBT groups to apply for grants.

I think its fantastic that just by spending a mere £4 on a (well-worthy) soap, you can contribute to making the world a better place for everyone.

I popped into my local Plymouth Lush store on its launch day and picked up my own #GayIsOk soap. 
Selfies with the soap are encouraged to help spread awareness and support of the campaign, hoping to reach 10,000,000 people via social media. 

So although the campaign is officially over now, I think its important to still keep the message going as this issue is more prevalent now than ever and we can help to resolve it and bring equality to everyone. 

I feel strongly about this cause so I'm proud to support the #GayIsOk campaign :)

Ellie Mae x

Disclaimer: All thoughts and opinions are my own. All products were purchased myself, unless stated otherwise.

Tuesday, 7 July 2015

Magnitone Lucid | Review | LittleEllieMae

After the awesome #BHTwitterParty a few weeks ago, the lovely people over at Magnitone kindly sent me their Magnitone Lucid Cleanser to try out!

I've been wanting to try this cleanser for a while now, after seeing a load of bloggers as well as the face of Magnitone, Pixie Lott, rave about it, so I was extremely excited when it turned up on my doorstep!

Magnitone Lucid is powered by Active Electromagnetic Technology™ which sends a huge 10,000 pulsations per minute to naturally unclog pores as well as exfoliate the skin gently. 

I've been using this for just over a week now with my regular face cleanser and I can definitely see a difference already! My skin really does feel cleaner when I use this product; It claims to work really deeply into the skin's pores and I can definitely feel this effect. It's not necessarily stopped my breakouts all together but its calmed them down a bit.

With a product like this, I've always been wary of it being too harsh on my dry, sensitive skin but the Magnitone Lucid has a special sensitive setting which is perfect for my skin type!

Its made my skin appear visibly brighter and smoother as it works as an exfoliant to remove all the dead skin cells. 

It comes with a magnetic charger which gives the product enough charge to last for weeks which is super handy! Its also a great size to travel with so is perfect for keeping up my skincare routine, even when I'm away on my travels! And its waterproof so its easy to pop into the shower with, without worrying about it malfunctioning. 

Overall, I'm thoroughly impressed with this product- it leaves my skin soft, glowing and clean. I'd definitely recommend it as a staple to aid your current cleansing routine!

You can get your own Magnitone Lucid in a variety of awesome colours here! And you can get 20% by using the promotional code BLOVE20. (code is valid until 31st July 2015)

Have you tried the Magnitone Lucid Cleanser yet? Let me know by commenting below or tweeting me @LittleEllieMae :)

Have a great day!

Ellie Mae

Disclaimer: This product was kindly sent to me by Magnitone through the #BHTwitterParty gifting lounge but all opinons and thoughts are my own. 

Saturday, 4 July 2015

Plymouth Blog Meet Cupcake Workshop | LittleEllieMae

After the huge success of the first blogger meetup in Plymouth that I organised back in April, I couldn't wait to organise the next one!

I wanted something a little different to the first one, which was primarily getting to know everyone; I thought it would be nice to enjoy learning a new skill as well as networking with local bloggers! 

The event was held at Mrs Browns Bakery in Plymouth which is a little vintage- inspired cafe and bakery in the centre of the city which is run by the fabulous Georgie. 

The cafe is gorgeous, decorated with Marilyn Monroe and Elvis wallpaper and cute retro accessories. Georgie and Jemma were fantastic hosts for the event and were so great to work with in organising it all! They were so kind and very organised throughout the process- I couldn't recommend working with them enough! 

After settling down with some tea and coffee, we started our cupcake decorating workshop which was led by Georgie. 

Photo by Georgie from Mrs Browns
Firstly, she taught us how to make a rose cake decoration out of fondant icing. Its primarily a method of rolling the icing out and layering the petals strategically. Georgie makes it look really easy (which it kinda is) but my rose came out a bit weirdly as I'm no Mary Berry. However, after some help from the cake- master herself, it finally began to resemble a rose of some sort. We then did some piping work, added sprinkles, sprayed sparkles and voila- the first cupcake was complete! 

The second cupcake was a rose decoration using a piping technique, complete with a cute little fondant icing leaf! I've actually done this one before (thank you Year 8 Food Tech classes!) so this one came out a little better! I love Mrs Browns' attention to detail as they swirled in pink pigment to the butter icing to give it an ombre- effect. So cute!

Then it was time for a tea and cake break. Georgie kindly made us a traditional Victoria Sponge cake, complete with cream and chocolate- dipped strawberries! It was delicious! It was so nice to just chat to all of the other bloggers. Similarly to the last event, we all got on really well and bonded over chat about blogging and all things social media! It was such a lovely group of ladies. 

We then tried the 'Mr Whippy' style piping technique, with three layers of swirling buttercream icing, topped with chocolate shavings and chocolate covered strawberries. It looked so yummy.

Photo by Georgie from Mrs Browns
For our final cupcake we repeated the rose- like buttercream piping method and then rolled fondant icing to make sweet little rose decorations.

The cupcakes that we made, along with the two that Mrs Browns kindly provided us, looked amazing (if I do say so myself) and (almost) too good to eat! 

I had so much fun learning how to decorate these gorgeous little cupcakes as well as getting to know some lovely new bloggers and catching up with others! I truly love getting to know my local blogging community and bringing everyone together to network. I can't get over how lovely and supportive everyone is- I'm so lucky to be a part of this wonderful group of creative people. 

Check out the hashtag #PlymouthBlogMeet on all social media platforms to check out everybody else's posts and photos from the event! 

Thank you to everyone who came along! And a big thankyou to Mrs Browns Bakery!

I can't wait to organise the next event already!

Have a great day!
Ellie Mae x