Monday, 22 December 2014

Festive and Sparkly Lookbook | LittleEllieMae

My Mum calls me a 'fashion magpie' when it comes to the festive season because I get drawn to all things sequined and sparkly. 
I think that Christmas is a great excuse to go all out with sequined outfits with all the pretty accessories you can find! Today I'm going to show you some of my favourite highstreet festive and sparkly outfit finds from my wardrobe:

Dress- H&M
Tights- Primark
Shoes- River Island

This is hands down my favourite dress for this season! Its a gorgeous teal blue colour with sequins everywhere! I love the length of the sleeves which are 3/4 length to cover my arms during the chilly weather and the pretty low cut back. I'll be wearing this dress on Christmas day! And for only £9.99 its one of the cheapest dresses around at the moment!

Totally having way too much fun floating around in my skirt!
Top- Marks and Spencers
Skirt- Primark
Hat- Primark
Tights- Primark
Shoes- River Island

A fantastically classy yet fun festive look with this 50s inspired midi length skirt and polar neck top. This skirt reflects so nicely in the light which adds some glamour to the look; a huge bonus is that I bought this skirt for only £2 in the Primark sale last January!

Dress- Primark
Tights- Primark
Shoes- River Island

This dress is great to slip on and look like you've put loads of effort into your outfit! Burgundy is my favourite colour to wear in the winter and it goes perfectly with a huge variety of my lipsticks too!

Top- Primark
Jeans- H&M
Shoes- River Island

For a more casual (but still sparkly) look, try wearing a sequined top with high waisted jeans. I have paired my aubergine coloured jeans with a similar coloured sequined crop top. I love this crop top as it gives a 1920s vibe... very classy! 

Top- River Island
Skirt- Topshop
Tights- Primark
Shoes- River Island

For another more relaxed outfit I love this slouchy glistening pastel pink top from River Island which you can easily pair with some jeans or a skirt like I have done here- for me, nothing says winter like a great velvet skirt!

Top- New Look
Trousers- Topshop
Shoes- River Island

I adore these teal and gold metallic trousers from Topshop paired with a very flattering peplum top for a nice smart outfit. Great for going out for a family Christmas get-together!

I hope you liked my festive lookbook! Which outfit is your favourite? Let me know by commenting below or tweeting me @LittleEllieMae :)

Have a great day and MERRY CHRISTMAS!

Ellie Mae x

Thursday, 4 December 2014

My Favourite Makeup Brushes | LittleEllieMae

Makeup brushes are such a staple to every girl's makeup drawer. 

But I know how confusing it can get with a different brush for every single job so today I've narrowed it down to my top 6 favourite everyday makeup brushes!

This is the best foundation brush I've ever used! I used to be a total basic flat foundation brush kinda girl but once I used this stippling brush from CNDirect I didn't look back! Its a very dense, synthetic fibre brush which picks up a good amount of the product and smoothly applicates and buffs the product into the skin for a natural and flawless finish. 

This is my contour brush from the same face brush set from CNDirect which was under £3 for four high quality brushes! Such a bargain! Once again, it does a great job at applying the product lightly and easily builds up for stronger definition. These brushes are so easy to clean too which is great. 

I've had this No7 (from Boots) blush powder brush for years now and it still works really well! Its so soft and applies blusher amazingly. Its a great size in comparison to the apples of my cheeks to apply the right amount of product.

Also from CNDirect, from a set of five eyeshadow brushes for under £2, is this eyeshadow brush. I love to use this one to apply my base eyeshadow and it applies it evenly to my lid for a great finish. I also adore the colour of these brushes! They are so well made for such an inexpesnive price. 

This may be the fluffiest eyeshadow brush ever. Its from H&M which I would have not expected to make good makeup brushes, but turns out that they do! I keep this brush clean to use as a blending brush, especially when I do a particularly dark colour in my crease I like to blend it out to make it appear less harsh. 

This is probably my most used brush ever. Also from H&M, this brush has two ends (a two in one brush!) which makes it great for traveling with. On one end there is a dome shaped brush that I use to apply colours to the crease of my eye lid for depth and definition and the other end is a thin angled brush that I use alternatively to fill in my brows and I sometimes use it for eyeliner (gel or powder) too!

So there are my favourite makeup brushes! I use them every day and its down to them that my makeup goes well (most days!) as they are the basics. 

What makeup brushes do you use? I love to hear your recommendations! Let me know by commenting below or tweeting me @LittleEllieMae :) 

Ellie Mae x