Monday, 25 August 2014

#TeenBlogSeries- Week 1- 10 Facts About Me

Teen Bloggers Anouska Millar and Beth have decided to start a project called #TeenBlogSeries. Its aim is to bring together lots of the teens/young adults in the blogging community. For the next ten consecutive weeks, over 80 bloggers will be writing every Monday at 6:30pm about many different things, all beauty, lifestyle or fashion related. You can view everyones posts by going to the hashtag on twitter "TeenBlogSeries". If you would like to get involved email:

Today I am delighted to be starting the #TeenBlogSeries which was created by the lovely Anouska and Beth. This will run over the course of ten weeks, with a new post every Monday! I really hope that you enjoy checking them out and make sure to check the other bloggers out who are taking part by searching the hashtag '#TeenBlogSeries'.

To get to know me a bit more, here are 10 facts about myself!

1.) I am a total beach baby- I honestly couldn't live anywhere which isn't close to the sea. I'm lucky enough to be surrounded by beaches where I live and I wouldn't have it any other way! Being by/ in the sea is when I'm at my happiest, no matter what time of year it is!

2.) I love photography- I'm not saying that I'm that great at it, but I find it so relaxing to take photos in my garden. I don't have the poshest camera or know how to work it well at that rate (!) but I love snapping away!

A photo I took in my garden.

3.) I had my Year 11 work experience at The Sunday Times and Style magazine in London, July 2013- It was such a great experience and I had the chance to sort out a bunch of designer clothes for a photoshoot with Daisy Lowe (!!!). Although I was just acting as an 'Office Junior', I had so much fun and learnt a lot that week!

4.) I'm a bit of a vintage fanatic- Although I don't dress head to toe in vintage 100% of the time, I really do adore it. The clothes, music and culture of different historic eras really interest me. My favourite singer is Billie Holiday!

5.) My favourite TV shows are Pretty Little Liars, Sherlock, The Carrie Diaries and Friends-(that's a lot, I know!). I generally don't watch much TV but when I get into a show, I become obsessed!

6.) My favourite item of makeup is definitely lipstick- I have all different colours and finishes. I couldn't pick a favourite shade!!

7.) I love musical theatre- I go as often as I can to the theatre. So far in the past 3 months, I've been to the theatre four times! My favourite shows that I've seen are West Side Story, Hairspray, Wicked and The Lion King! 

8.) I'm a huge Disney fan- ever since I was a little girl I've been obsessed with all things Disney (although I used to be really scared of Dumbo!). I especially love the Disney princesses and Princess Tiana and Rapunzel are my favourites! Its my dream to go to Disneyland one day!

9.) I went to my first concert when I was just 7 years old and it was Mcfly's first ever tour at Plymouth Pavillions. (They were 17 years old then, aww!). I cried all the way through the show because the music was too loud, but then I started going to their concerts ever since then!

10.) I LOVE green tea! (Has to be decaf though!) I drink cups and cups of green tea every day; I'm thankful that its good for you, otherwise I'd be stuffed! Its really difficult to find decaf green tea but Sainsburys sell Tetley decaf, so we stock up on boxes every time we see it!

So there is so random facts about me- I hope that you found these mildly entertaining and make sure to check back next Monday for another edition of #TeenBlogSeries :)

Tell me a fun fact about yourself in the comment section below- I love to get to know you guys!

Have a great day!

Ellie Mae x


  1. Your work experience sounded so fun! Mine was in a dance studio, that was back in 2010!

    Style Storms

    1. Thanks Amy Marie! It was very fun :) Yours sounds so cool too! x

  2. I live near the beach too! Loved reading these facts about you :)

    Lunar Look

    1. Ah, no better place than the seaside! I'm glad you liked my post :) x

  3. I am a huge tea drinker but when I tried green tea it was such a disappointment! I also love photography, what camera do you use? I am also taking part in the teen blog series if you would like to have a read :)
    Becca x

    1. Aw, maybe try decaf- its so much nicer :) I have a Sony Cybershot Super Zoom camera! I'll check out your blog, thanks for stopping by! x

  4. I love Sherlock too-cant wait for series 4! Your work experience sounds great-that was the kind of thing i wanted to do but i ended up working in a shop for my week-not quite as interesting!
    Great post
    katie x

    1. Aah I'm so excited for a new series but its not for ages :( It was a fun work experience for sure xx

  5. I love green teas as well! Very relaxing ^_^ Found you from the #teenblogseries!

    Laila from Townhouse Palette ♥

  6. Its my dream to go to disneyland as well as i am such a disney fan!! I also love photography x I am doing the #teenblogseries as well. X

    1. Haha lets go to Disneyland together!! Great, I'll check your blog out xx

  7. Great post, really enjoyed reading x


  8. I agree with you on so many of these! Number 3 sounds like such good experience!
    Kelsey | Peach Blossom

  9. Yay for lipsticks! And yes, Rapunzel is my favourite too :)

    Every Day In Grace