Sunday, 22 June 2014

Hello, I'm back!

Hi guys, it is so nice to be back after a few long, hard working months of GCSEs. But now they’re over, and I have an 11 week summer holiday to enjoy which includes back to blogging… and YouTube!

I’m so excited to have the time to do more stuff that makes me happy now, and I’d like to document a lot of what I get up to over the coming few months on my blog and YouTube channel (LittleEllieMae)- which I am starting up again next week.

I’m looking forward to writing new posts with different ideas and topics now and I’d love to hear any suggestions that you have for blog posts or YouTube videos as it would really help me out!

Also, the weather is super lovely in the UK at the moment, well in Devon it is especially! So I’m actually sat here in my bikini top and shorts typing away hehe; now I’m going to get back in the garden to enjoy the sunshine whilst it lasts!

Anyway this was just a catch up post for now, and LittleEllieMae will resume as normal very soon!

Have a great day!

Ellie Mae x


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