Monday, 3 February 2014

Prom Series- Celeb Inspiration

Hi guys! I've decided to start a series of blog posts leading up to Prom (summer 2014) as its actually my prom this year (eeeeek!!!!) so I will take you along with me to see how I prepare for it and I will give you lots of tips and advice too!

Although it may seem that prom is a world away with exams blocking its view, I can assure you that it will creep up on you very quickly! There is obviously no rush for prom (TIP NUMBER 1: Don't get stressed about prom! Its your time to have fun and relax- Don't ruin it with a pessimistic attitude!) its probably a good time to start thinking of ideas about certain things. This series of blog posts will guide you through all you need  for the time running up to prom. From dresses, to makeup,hair, dates, transport, bags, shoes- the LOT! 

Enjoy the crazy ride!

Firstly, your prom dress is primarily the most important and special part of prom. Oui? We've all dreamt of our perfect prom dresses as girls growing up so its super exciting when the time comes to get it! We all want to feel like princesses on our big day- its the equivalent of a wedding day for teenage girls everywhere!

So lets start with ideas for your perfect prom dress; its a good idea to brainstorm what features you'd like for your dress. Pinterest is a good place for this- try making a Prom board and storing all of your ideas there! Think about: Maxi or short dress? Sparkly or simple? Strapless or sleeves? There are plenty of factors to think about! However, if you don't particularly know what you want at this point, that's fine! Its still early days- you might just be able to find 'the one' out of nowhere (like I did!). 

Another idea is to gather inspiration from celebrities. Try searching celebrities' dresses at red carpet events as a great starting point! Here are some examples below:

Taylor Swift is the prime example for prom dress inspiration! She wears some gorgeous dresses, I especially love this one which is very princess-like. Aah!

Selena Gomez is another. Selena has a very classy and sophisticated style which is very cute when it comes to prom. I'd say that my style is very alike to hers (and this reflects in my prom dress that you can see in July!)

I don't know a single girl who didn't love Rachel Berry's prom dress from Glee! Its so cute, girly and simple. Of course you can add some detail with a corsage.

Anne Hathaway shows that you can rock a bit of sparkle in a dress, especially for prom season! Even if you're not a sparkle fan, Anne shows that you can make it look classy with small portions of it and a toned down colour. 

Or maybe you prefer a bolder dress like Rihanna? A dress like this gives a bit of sexy yet still pretty and sophisticated. 

Emma Watson is my style crush, and this dress is no exception! Make a bold statement with texture in a dress like Emma's.

Or maybe a shorter, vintage-styled dress like Ariana Grande is more your style? So cute yet still looking nice and formal for the special occasion!

So there you have it, now you can hunt for celeb prom inspiration to your heart's desire! Its definitely a great starting point to getting you on the road to your perfect prom!

Next time I'll be looking at different prom dresses at many different price ranges to suit everybody!

Have a great day!

Ellie Mae x


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