Thursday, 13 February 2014

Fashion February- Week 2- Harem Pants

I was quite the sucker for harem pants, or hammer trousers, when I was 11. I used to have my favourite pair of grey Red Herring harem pants  which I wore everywhere with my purple and grey striped Henry Holland polo shirt (I thought I was a bit gangsta back in the day).  However, now I'm not too sure on them and cringe at the thought of that grey and purple loving outfit. 

Although, today I'm going to style a pair of harem pants (the best I can). 

For me, harem pants are part of quite a laid back look. It's something that (if I were to wear them) I would just wear them casually- going to the shops or a travelling outfit etc. 

I would style these harem pants with a statement t shirt, a denim jacket and vans. 

I would buy harem pants at ASOS, as pictured. I think that I would wear black ones like these the most as they are very wearable and will match with a lot of things. And at £16, they are very reasonable! 

I've loved delving into an item which I loved so much in the past for this post! Stay tuned for next weeks Fashion February post! :)

Ellie Mae x 

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