Tuesday, 28 January 2014

New blog design!

Hi everyone! 

Now, you have probably already noticed a big change to my blog today... a new blog design! 

Yup, I finally got around to making my own blog design- something that I am completely happy with and its filled with all my original ideas! 

Last year I was lucky enough to have a logo designed which can be found as my new header by the lovely Lis( check out her website here!http://therevealers.wix.com/revealyourself)and my talented friend Sophie(http://instagram.com/daintydrawings) drew a picture of me which you can find in the sidebar. I really wanted both of these pieces of talented artwork to be big features in my new blog design so I'm really happy that they're more visible now!

I have used a running theme of pastel colours which reflects my girly kind of personality and what my blog is about. 

So yeah, I just wanted to tell you guys about the new look! I really hope you like it! What do you think and is there anything that you'd change/add at all? I'm always open to feedback! :) 

Have a great day!

Ellie Mae x

P.S. I am aware that my tabs page bar at the top of the page isn't currently working- but I'm trying to sort it out as quickly as possible. I made it myself and used image-maps to try and connect it to my different pages but it seems to not want to work. Please bear with me!


  1. LOVE the new look! The little pic of you is adorable!!!!

    1. thanks so much! I'm really glad that you like it :)