Wednesday, 4 December 2013

Day 4- Winter Days

The days are darker, colder and wetter. The heating is up on full and the fire is roaring. It must be that time of year again- Winter. 

I actually really do like winter:

"my love"... my dog. 

Especially these weeks leading up to christmas, I love spending time with my family in our room called "The Snug" which is basically the ex-dining room which we had knocked through to our living room (maybe I will do a room tour, because my Mum has made it into a truly beautiful room). The Snug consists of a real fireplace, a sofa and patchwork quilt, a full bookshelf and a very comfy mat. So it is just what it says on the tin- very snug. Its nice to sit in there, without any electronics- no tv, no laptop, no phone and just talk and relax by the fire.

Aah, actually I might go down there after I've finished writing this and have a cuppa tea and read To Kill A Mockingbird. 

Stay snug!
Ellie Mae x

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  1. I love this illustration; it sums up winter perfectly! My family also have a room called 'The Snug' - its done up with lots of soft blankets, fairy lights and a bookcase - I love to just escape and have a bit of down-time in there! Great post and lovely blog, given you a follow! I'm over at if you fancy a read:) xxx