Monday, 2 December 2013

Day 2- Dear Santa...

Dear Santa...

I've been a really good girl this year and for Christmas i would really like:

A Pink Coat

Missguided- £34.99

I love pink coats at the moment, they are right on trend all through autumn, winter, spring and will even be a great summer staple! I especially love this dusty pink coloured coat from Missguided, what a great price too!

Urban Decay Naked Palette

I have lusted over Urban Decay's Naked Palettes for many years now. They're so pretty, with such a wide range of wearable yet interesting colours. I already know how much I adore Urban Decay eye shadows because I own the Naked Basics palette (which I LOVE!) so I know what great quality these palettes will be. I've only ever heard good things about these palettes (except maybe the exceptionally high price?) so I'd love to own one myself one day. Aah. 

A New Blog Layout

If I'm honest, I'm not a fan of my current blog layout and theme. Its a bit over the top for me and I'm not too keen on the colours, but for now I'm making do. However, I'd really really like to sort out my blog by New Year- I want to find a new theme template to match my needs so if you have any ideas (not too expensive!) let me know! 

Fish Eye Lens

I've always loved the effect of a fish eye lens, and I would really like to buy a lens for my camera one day (a girl can dream... £600, nah thanks!) but for now, now I have an iPhone I can capture moments with an iPhone Fish Eye Lens for under £10! I'd love to use this to experiment with my photography skills.


No not an engagement ring! I just really like special, dainty pieces of jewellery that I can cherish. I found this ring on Pinterest and instantly fell in love with it! I also love little quirky, unique pieces, Accessorize are very good for bits like that!

Phone case

As I mentioned a bit earlier, I now own an iPhone (hooray!) and I am on the search for a funky case. I really love quirky ones like this one pictured above from Urban Outfitters! Although I am also very drawn to the Disney princess phone cases too.....


My most cherished and memorable moments are just spending times with the people I love: my family and friends. My favourite kind of days are the ones where I can just be myself around these people and make some hilariously great memories with them- May it be spending a day out with my friends in the park, on a beach, just having a day inside watching movies together or going out with my family for a meal or just afternoon tea at my grandma's... It may sound cheesey but I'd love to have more of these days. I feel that our lives are so "busy" and we don't get as much chance to spend it with these special people. 

I recently brought all five of my best friends a photoshoot session together at a local photography studio so that we can capture some moments together. I really can't wait. 

Thanks Santa, I'll be sure to leave you a mince pie on Christmas Eve ;)


Ellie Mae x

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