Sunday, 29 September 2013

My Sweet 16th Birthday Party

If you follow my Twitter you may already know that yesterday I celebrated my 16th birthday with a fancy dress house party! 

I'd been planning this party for about two months, I wanted it to be really special. I appointed Becca, as 'party planner helper'- nothing better than having your best friend help plan your party right?! I knew from the start that I wanted a fancy dress party because I love to dress up and I knew that it would be such a laugh for us all. Together me and Becca decided to create a candy theme for the decorations, playing on the pun 'Sweet 16th'. 

I wanted everything, from the decorations to food, to be as inexpensive as I could find.

We decorated my staircase with a sparkly pink garland and a candy cane decoration - I found them in a old Christmas decoration sale at a garden centre! So cute and girly, just how I like it!

I actually took this idea from Pintrest- I made a '16' shape out of my personal photos. My guests loved it as they could try and spot themselves in the photos and giggle at my baby photos!

Going along with the candy theme, my Mum kindly made these boiled sweet- like decorations! Its just a balloon wrapped in cellophane and tied at the ends to look like a sweet! How cool!

I may or may not have found a blow up palm tree in the cupboard beneath the stairs and just threw it in for good measure..! My friends loved taking photos next to it, it was really funny!

I thought these honeycomb hanging decorations in candy pastel colours were really sweet, nice touch to the room!

We set up a candy table, with every kind of sweet you could imagine! We put the sweets in little china vintage bowls which my Mum collects from charity shops and markets. In this photo you can also see the marshmallow tree; We got a cheap bucket from 'Buyology' and filled it with plaster of paris to weigh it down and hold a stick from our garden upright. On the stick we put a ball of oasis (stuff people usually use for flower arranging) ,covered it in tissue paper and stuck cocktail sticks with marshmallows on! My guests really loved it, and it was the centre piece of the candy table! 

We brought these adorable popcorn baskets from Ebay, they were really inexpensive and added a little bit of retro to the table!

This is my birthday cake- because my Mum was really busy this week she just made it out of a packet, it was a red velvet cake and it was delicious!! She decorated it with my favourite colours and love heart candy! All my guests took a slice home with them.

And this is me all dressed up! I dressed up as Cinderella; I loved being a disney princess for a day! My dress is from Ebay, my tiara is from Claire's and my shoes and necklace are my Mum's. 

Becca also dresed up as a disney princess; Belle. This is us together before the party!

Halfway through the party my Mum came in with her laptop and said "Ellie I have a surprise from some people who couldn't make it today." and she played a video message from my favourite band, Luminites wishing me a happy birthday! I was so surprised, it was so amazing! Thank you to the band, my Mum for organising it and Anthony, Luminites' manager! You can watch my video message here:

One of the main attractions of my party was my homemade photobooth! I made props, like the ones shown above, and made a background and my guests could take photos with my camera on a tripod! It was SO much fun!

We all danced, played on the wii, sang karaoke, posed for photos and played hilarious games like 'chubby bunnies' and 'The Strawberry Lace game'- It was so much fun, I'm so grateful for everyone who came! 

Hope you enjoyed this post! Have a great week!

Ellie Mae x


  1. What an adorable sweet 16! You and your friends all look gorgeous in your dresses! Happy Late Birthday honey!!!! Enjoy being sweet 16 because it will fly by!!!!!!

  2. That looks like so much fun and you look like a princessss!!

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  4. The decoration of the party was very beautiful, I hope you all enjoyed a lot. I really liked the dresses everyone is wearing, especially you. You all look very happy a cute. Stay Blessed.

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