Saturday, 10 August 2013

DIY- Greek yogurt hair and face mask

Hi guys!
I have just come back from a very lovely holiday in Portugal! However nice and hot it was, the heat does do an awful lot of damage to my hair!
I read a blog post about greek yogurt being good for your hair, so I thought that I'd try it out!
I brought some inexpensive full fat greek yogurt from good ol' ASDA and put it in a bowl and whisked it up a bit to get rid of any lumps.
I then hopped in the shower and washed my hair as usual with shampoo and rinsed it out. Then, I applied the greek yogurt to my hair, concentrating on the ends and wrapped it up in a towel turban and left it for an hour.
With some left over greek yogurt I smothered it over my face as a face mask, then washed it off after 10 mins. It left my face feeling super soft and moisturised, I love it! It also appears to reduce redness and hyperpigmintation of my face.
After 1 hour I went back in the shower and thoroughly rinsed the yogurt out of my hair.
I then brushed and blowdried my hair as usual, but with no extra products and It left my hair feeling AMAZING! My hair felt lighter, softer and shinier. There were no tangles whatsoever and my hair just looked so much more healthier! 
I'd definitely recommend using some greek yogurt on your hair (and face!) now and again, its such a luxurious, yet inexpensive deep conditioner.
I will 100% be using this again soon!
Ellie Mae ♡

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  1. I love DIY masks! Nice post!

    Lorraine xx