Monday, 29 July 2013

DIY- Circle / Skater Skirt

Yesterday I made my own skater skirt/ circle skirt and today I'm going to show you how I did it! Its so easy and really enjoyable to make! Enjoy!

I brought 1.5m of material from my local fabric shop- I was instantly drawn to it as it has a 'Finding Nemo' print all over it (which is one of my favourite movies!) and I also love the blue colour! 

Firstly, I measured my waist and how long I wanted the skirt to be (just above my knee - 18 inches). Now for the maths; waist measurement ÷ (2 x π) = this will give you the radius. I then used my measurements to make a pattern. I measured out the radius and the desired skirt length and marked it onto some newspaper. I then made a curve at each point and cut it out, so it looks like the pattern below! Then I pinned it on top of the material which is folded into quarters (fold it in half, then fold again), with the corner with no raw edges in the top left hand corner.

Then, cut away the excess fabric. 

You should then be left with a big bit of material in a circle shape, with a circle in the middle; hence the name 'a circle skirt'!

Now to make a waistband! Cut a strip of fabric (waist measurement + 2 inches) by 4 inches. Fold it in half  (inside out) and pin the two raw edges together. Sew it with a straight stitch. 

Then I turned it the right side out and threaded some elastic through to give the waistband some stronger structure. 

I then pinned and sewed the waistband onto the top of the skirt. As you can see, I don't have an electronic sewing machine... Mine is a 100 year old Singer sewing machine. It takes longer, and only does straight stitch, but its surprisingly relaxing to use! (also looks very chic and vintage in my house!!)

I then sewed a zip into the back on the skirt and hemmed the bottom of the skirt. VOILA! That's it! It was so easy to make and I love it so much! 

Check out this YouTube video which guided me through the process at times!

Me and my little sister had a mini photoshoot in the garden, so I thought I'd include a few snaps! 

I really hope you like it! I'm going to be doing some more DIY projects over the summer, so keep an eye out!

Ellie Mae x


  1. It is really lovely! I love knitting and sewing my own clothes too and this skirt is really unique :) I like Nemo too!! xxx

    1. thanks so much! I'm really glad you like it :) I think that sewing and knitting are such great skills to have :) xxx

  2. great diy! if i had a sewing machine and knew how to sew better(except simple hand stitching) i think i would of gone crazy making myself a dozen or so different circle skirts. probably can't have enough. thanks for sharing and lovely blog as well, perhaps we could keep in touch and follow each other on GFC? please feel free to check out my blog and let me know if you'd like to.


    1. thanks so much! Glad you like it :) I will check out your blog for sure :) x